Thursday, November 05, 2015

Australia trip 2015

Thanks for all of your support while we traveled through Australia!!! We weren't the first high school to pass the finish line but we finished the race! We weren't in first either but we had more solar car miles and trailered less than any other car in our division! We had a good time but are happy to be back home! We've all been adjusting back to school and jobs! Thanks to all of our sponsors and giving us this one in a life time opportunity to cross Australia! We are excited to see Dream Big the IMAX movie that is focused on us! Thanks again for all of your support!!!

Friday, October 16, 2015


Thursday we loaded the car up to go to scrutineering. 

The other teams at scrutineering before we went out. 


Our drivers!!!!


Our coaches and Chris Selwood the event director. 


Watching as we get our passing sticker!!!!


After not passing everything Thursday we returned Friday. 


This little cutie decided she wanted to learn to drive early!!!!


We finally passed!!!!!!!


A little fun after we passed scrutineering!!!

Rollin' , Rollin' , Rollin' 


Talking with the other teams about our car!!!!!

Taking pictures with the other teams!!!!


Of course we couldn't have a perfect day so 4 of the guys got locked in their room for about a hour and a half!!!